Business Danish

This course is for foreigners working in Denmark, wishing to be able to learn how to communicate in Danish at work in a fun and engaging, yet efficient way.

If you are an international professional in a Danish company or organisation, you have to be able to manage different situations confidently, it could be meetings, communication with colleagues, clients and business partners or presentations. But also informal chit-chats over lunch with your colleagues are important.

Every course is specially designed to meet your needs and the lessons are goal-oriented and effective. We usually work on a few important aspects; vocabulary, eg. work related terms as well as general language that will help you to be able to manage your work tasks in Danish.
The vocabulary is taught through active use of the language, and if it’s relevant, we can also include the student’s own material, eg. reports, meeting minutes, email correspondence, presentations, etc.
The other important aspects we normally focus on, is useful grammar and pronunciation, but the choice of topics and exercises depend completely on what is relevant for each individual student. This way, we tailor the course and keep the lessons relevant for you.

Here are some examples of which topics a course on Business Danish could comprise of:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Research
  • Telephone communication
  • Email correspondence (formal and informal)
  • Writing courses
  • Presentations
  • Job interviews
  • Negociations and meetings
  • “Coffee break communication” (informal communication)
  • Work place culture

The course typically consists of 20-60 lessons. The exact lesson number, however, depends on the student’s starting point and the level he or she wishes to achieve, something we always take into consideration when planning the course.

After finishing this business Danish course, the student will feel more confident understanding and using Danish and will be better equipped to manage their job at a Danish company.
You will also receive a course certificate with the achieved level (we follow the international standard for describing language ability, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR). Follow the link, to learn more about the different levels of CEFR).

Why choose Lingua Danica as your language partner?

Lingua Danica has many years of experience teaching Danish to professionals from all over the world, and from a wide range of different sectors.
With Lingua Danica, you are guaranteed effective courses suited to meet your needs and wishes.

We offer both individual courses and, if you are a few people wishing to go together, also small group courses.

Contact us for more information and for a non-committal offer.