Danish for non-beginners

Do you already speak some Danish and wish to improve your skills? Sign up for this course.

No matter your level – elementary, intermediate or advanced – we tailor every course to suit your specific needs and wishes. Every lesson is goal-oriented and effective as we work on subjects and cover material and language that is relevant for you and your needs. We normally use a textbook or another kind of Danish learning material and we can supplement with other material as needed.

After completion of the course you will feel more confident and you will have improved your Danish communication skills and can therefore, to a greater extent, interact using Danish in your everyday life.

A standard private lesson course consists of 45 lessons, and, depending on your starting point and which level you are aiming for, the course can be followed up by another to further improve your skills.

We offer individual courses as well as semi-private and group courses if you are a few people who would like to go together.

The course is completed with a level test and you will receive a certificate with grades following the CEF scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – Further info here).