Danish for Swedes

This course is for Swedes working and/or living in Denmark and wishing to understand and communicate in Danish.

Despite many similarities between danish and swedish, communication issues often occur between Danes and Swedes.

On this course, we will focus on the differences between Danish and Swedish. We will, in particular, work on pronunciation and listening, since these two aspects prove to be the most challenging for Swedes working with Danes. We will also look at grammatical differences and at similar-looking words with different meanings in the two languages – the so-called “false friends”.

After finishing this course, the participant will know the most important differences between Danish and Swedish, and he or she will feel more confident and more at ease with regards to understanding the Danes and communicating in danish.

The course typically consists of 20-45 lessons, but we always make an individual assessment and take into consideration the participant’s starting point and the end-goal he or she wishes to achieve.