I see a trend…
Actually, I see two trends with the people that I come across through my company Lingua Danica:
1) There are the beginners of Danish who plan to live in Denmark and who want to get started learning the language to be well integrated into the danish society.
One newcomer says:
“I plan to stay in Denmark for a long time, and learning danish is the best way to do so”.
2) And then there are those who already speak some amount of Danish, but who still feel unable to connect and interact in Danish at work and with their Danish family and friends.
One frustrated intermediate Danish speaker says:
“I have a frequent feeling of being left out from the conversation when around Danes – it is still too hard to follow the Danish conversation and include myself.”
I see a few reasons that are well worth to consider, if you are hesitating to learn Danish – or maybe just not that motivated. I bet these 3 reasons will make you want to do something about it right now!
Let’s not wait any longer. Here are my 3 reasons…

The 3 not so obvious reasons why learning Danish is important

1. From tourist to citizen

Remember when you first arrived to the country and you didn’t get anything from street signs, hearing people talking on the street, seeing news headlines, etc.?
It made you feel like an outsider right? Like someone who’s totally away from home, out of place and who can just look at everything from the outside. As someone who doesn’t speak or understand the local language, you are left as a passive spectater.
But the moment you learn your first Danish word, you go from being a total stranger to someone included, someone who’s actually part of the whole thing suddenly.
When you start learning the language, you no longer feel like a total stranger in the country. You go from being a tourist to being an active part of the society.

2. Danish people and culture in a whole new light

When you immerse yourself into the new language, you start seeing the people and the culture with new eyes.
Language and culture are more related than we think, and when you start knowing more Danish, some cultural aspects will suddenly make much more sense.
You start making the connections and that huge puzzle that you are collecting, starts taking shape, one small piece at a time.

3. Speak Danish… and get the luuuv

Even if you don’t know that much Danish yet, don’t let that hold you back. Jump head first into sentences like the famous “Rødgrød med fløde” and get a good laugh with the Danes!
When you speak Danish – even just a few words or sentences – you can connect with the locals at another level. You show that you make an effort and the Danes appreciate that!
Danes are not known for being the easiest people to have random chats with, but if you go for it, you’ll be amazed of the reactions you’ll get and how helpful and friendly people will be when you try.
Later, you’ll be able to hold longer and deeper conversations, but don’t hold yourself back just because you are not there yet.
Remember, better done than perfect!
As you see, these are really good reasons why you should not wait any longer learning Danish. You have nothing to lose, but on the other hand so much to win!
If you are a beginner, get started on the journey, that it truly is, to learn the language with my Danish for beginners course.
And if you are at an intermediate or more advanced level and you feel stuck and unable to speak Danish or need to improve your Danish skills in specific areas (e.g. for work), take a look at my Danish conversation course where I’ll help you achieve a more active and spontaneous Danish or my Danish for work course where you’ll get the tools to perform at your job in a more confident Danish.
Remember that I tailor every course to every specific student, so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, just send me a line and I’ll be happy to make you your perfect Danish course!