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Fast-track Danish courses that’ll get you speaking

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Fast-track Danish courses that’ll get you speaking Danish from lesson one! 

Are you tired of struggling with Danish? And of always being the bystander? Be part of the conversation!

If you want to speak a more active and confident Danish with your colleagues and clients but also with your Danish family and friends, you have found the right person!

Hi! I’m Sigga Nordgaard. I can help you take your Danish to the next level and teach you to speak an active and confident Danish!

Maybe you have already taken Danish lessons before – perhaps even passed PD3 – but you feel insecure when you communicate in Danish.

Choose between my different Danish courses that strengthen your Danish in different ways: Danish for work, conversation training, pronunciation courses – or design your own course.

I also have Danish courses for beginners if you – or your co-worker – need to start from scratch.

Invest in 1:1 lessons and get a really effective course that give you the fast progression you need. With private lessons you’ll also have the flexibility with regards to how often, when and for how long we meet.


Are you an HR worker and searching for a course on behalf of a few employees, then small company groups is exactly what you need! The lessons will be tailored so that your co-workers will get the upgrade in Danish that will give your company the results you need. The lessons can take place at your company premises so that you don’t waste time and ressources on transport to and from Danish lessons.

Are you paying your own Danish course and do you want the most economy friendly solution, then sign up for one of my small open groups and be part of a small community with others at the same level as you more or less and share the journey!


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Get a Free Consultation Call!

Learn more about how I can help you or your colleague. After our conversation you’ll get a written quote – 100 % non-commital!

Leave me your name and contact info along with a few words on what you are looking for, then I’ll get back to you soon to arrange the best time for your call.

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    How can I help you?

    Choose between my different Danish courses, or let's put our heads together to design your unique course.

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    Meet your Instructor

    Hi! I'm Sigga Nordgaard, and it is no lie when I say that helping competent foreign professionals like you - or your colleague - to achieve a confident and active Danish at work and outside work, is one of the things that drive me most!

    During my almost 10 years teaching dansk to foreigners, I have helped managers, sales managers, researchers, bank people, work environment consultants, web developers, finance people, architects, entrepreneurs and many others handle work meetings, phone conversations, job interviews, email writing, speaking to nursery and school teachers, ordering at restaurants, buying at the bakery and the daily small-talk at work - in a much more active and confident Danish.

    It drives me to make a difference and hear my clients tell me about their small everyday life victories, like:

    "I have always spoken English only, but when I, the other day during a work meeting, suddenly said something in Danish, my colleagues looked at me really amazed because they had no idea exactly how much Danish I know" or "We talked to the babysitter yesterday - only in Danish!"


    These victories makes it aaaaaall worth it!

    Even though we Danes are really good at English, it is important to be able to get by in Danish in your everyday life if you want to thrive in your new country and feel part of the society.

    Learning Danish is a process that takes time, determination and effort. But no matter where you - or you colleague (if you are an HR worker) - are in the process, I am ready with my "tool box"!

    Call or write me and I will get back to you very soon with a suggestion on how I can help you towards a confident and active Danish.

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    About Lingua Danica


    Hear what students say:

    I feel like I have a pretty good level of comprehension but I sometimes struggle with feeling like I can speak with confidence and fluency - this is what I focused on in my lessons with Sigga.

    Since I have started lessons with Sigga, I have improved my confidence and overall speaking fluency!

    Sigga is a very encouraging and nice teacher. I enjoy the course and I always feel like I gain some skill during each lesson.

    Timothy, Product Researcher
    I'd taken one module at a school and since left. Sadly I wasn't making any progress in learning Danish on my own. I wanted to continue making progress in learning Danish without having to attend a school.
    Sigga is a kind, patient and attentive teacher and I love how much the lessons feel like they fit my pace of learning.
    I recommend Sigga if you are looking for professionalism and flexibility.
    Adam Blanchard, Software Engineering Manager

    I had finished the normal courses and passed Prøve i Dansk 3, but was still uncomfortable speaking danish.

    What convinced me to go for the course with you is that it could take place at my workplace, that the content would be specifically for me and my level, and that you were recommended.

    In my opinion you are very supportive, providing a safe, relaxed environment to practice Danish. This helped us speak lots and lots of Danish, and now it’s not so hard to jump into Danish out in the real world.

    I think you would be a great choice for most anyone who wish to get better at Danish.

    Brendan, Senior Manager, Actuary
    Victoria Quaglia Testimonial

    What has exceeded my expectations since working with Sigga are two things specifically:

    How effective the courses have been and the visible improvement after each class; how interesting the courses have been, even on a 1-1 basis ie. Even without the group dynamics of a class.

    Truly a pleasant journey.

    Victoria Quaglia, Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group

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