Let unexpected doors open and reach your full potential professionally – both for your own sake and for your company’s. Are you up for it…?

You are a foreign professional working in Denmark. You probably have a higher education and you have – or seek – a job here in Denmark that matches your qualifications. Maybe you work for a danish company, or maybe you work for an international one.

No matter what, you are looking for the right person to help you upgrade your danish so that you’ll be able to get by in a good and clear danish – No more insecurity, no more constant language barriers and no more feeling stuck.

I am here to help…

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It’s not just something I say because it sounds good. I actually mean it.

My company Lingua Danica is build on a foundation of passion, determination and an eagerness to make a difference for you – in your work life as well as in your life outside work.

Because if you speak the local language here in Denmark or not does make a difference. A big difference.

This is how I can help you…

There are a few different ways I can help you move forward.

Through my free content and my paid courses, and other things that I offer along the way – no matter what, I am here to make a difference. I want to help you get the life here in Denmark that you really want. A life where you, when you open your eyes in the morning, look forward to go to work, a life where you can do the things you wish to do with freedom and confidence because nothing stands in your way. Neither the language.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already know a lot of Danish, I am here to support you towards a strengthened confidence Danish-wise, a confidence that will go further than just knowing how to conjugate the verbs. Unexpected doors will open and uncountable opportunities will present themselves.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Take the leap… Strengthen your Danish! It’s gonna be great!

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Sigga Nordgaard instructor

3 Reasons to Choose Lingua Danica 

It is stupid not to

You struggle to handle your everyday life at – and outside – work in a satisfying way. It is frustrating because you have so much you would like to say and contribute with. But many times, you end up giving up before you even get started. Why? Because the language (Danish!) is in the way aaaall the time! Argh! So frustrating!

But! The best part is that you actually can do something about it. By working focused on the areas of Danish that are relevant to you, you can get the everyday life you wish and a happier and more meaningful work life. You will experience that you feel less insecure and when you say something, that people around you are positively surprised of what you have to contribute with.
You do have lots to give, both professionally and personally. I know it, you know it.

Book your course today. It would be stupid not to. Wouldn’t it?

It’s expensive not to

From being kind of linguistically handicapped (that’s how you feel, right?) to becoming linguistically strengthened and obtaining a bigger confidence and being able to communicate more free and spontaneously… which doors would that not open? Professionally and outside work? Which opportunities would not suddenly be within reach?

Language opens doors, language gives you opportunities, language gives you more freedom. Mastering Danish would also bring you closer to your dream job where you can live out all your potential. And maybe also to a better financial situation?

Book your Danish course today and welcome more options. It would be expensive not to.

You won’t find a better solution

As opposed to attending group lessons, where focus is much more general because you are just one of many other students, you can get a totally tailor-made Danish course with me, designed completely according to what you need, with the content that makes sense for you, the way you wish it and when and how often it suits your busy calendar.

It is flexible, gives you meaningful and significant results much faster – yep, and then it’s just so much more fun!

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About the Woman Behind

Owner and Instructor

My name is Sigga Nordgaard, and I am the one who founded Lingua Danica in 2015 to offer Danish language courses to professionals and expats in and around Copenhagen.

With a MA in French and Spanish from the University of Copenhagen, obviously, it wasn’t my plan to teach Danish to foreigners. But a coincidence let me to Danish teaching – and, oh boy, I am glad it did!

I love to go to work, as no days are the same and every student is unique. I meet competent and super interesting people from all around the world every day, and being able to help them towards and more satisfying worklife and a better life in their new country, and experience their small victories is so rewarding and only makes me think: What else can I do to help foreign professionals like you?

Bonjour! Hola! Buongiorno! Guten Tag! Hey! Merhaba!

Actually, I have been in your shoes. I know exactly how it is to be a citizen in a new and foreign country. From 2007 to 2009 I lived in Istanbul in Turkey, and from 2002 to 2003 I lived in Toulouse in Southern France.

If I learned Turkish and French, then? Yes! Of course I did! 😉

Languages have always been a passion, just like meeting people from all around the world and exploring new and different cultures.

Languages I have studied: English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish and Italian…… I am quite rusty in several of them, though *cough cough*

Home, Sweet Multi-Cultural Home

Also when I am at home, with my family, languages and the multi-cultural play a big role. Boris, my husband, is my Inca, imported from the Andes Mountains of Peru. Together we have our little son, so at home we speak a total mix of Danish, Spanish and a little (too much!) English.

What my students say about me – as a person

  • Patient and Attentive

  • Encouraging and Supportive

  • Good at creating a relaxed atmosphere

  • Professional and Organized

You Will Get

With a qualified and highly experienced language partner, you are ensured an efficient course giving you the quick results you are looking for.

Let’s cut to the chase and work on the areas of Danish that make sense to you – or to your colleague (if you are an HR worker) and which will bring you where you need to be Danish-wise.
You’ll get a tailored course according to your needs and wishes –  so we focus on things that will give you the tools you need to handle your daily life at the job, everyday situations at the supermarket, at the kindergarten, or where-ever it might be, in Danish.

If you are a beginner, we’ll lay a solid foundation for you to start using a simple Danish – with a good pronunciation from the start. Have you taken Danish lessons before, but do you lack the confidence to use Danish in your daily life, we’ll strengthen your foundation and fill out holes, so that you upon completion of the course feel a clear difference and are able to express yourself more freely and without the constant doubt.

The result? A super efficient Danish course that – if you do your part and put the necessary effort into it – gives you noticeable results fast!

With 9+ years of experience in the field, I am a strong Danish language partner. I quickly understand what exactly you will need to fast and efficiently get the results with Danish that will make a difference in your daily life at work and outside work.

I have helped people of all sorts of professions like managers, finance directors, researchers, sales people, bank people, web developers, architects, entrepreneurs and many others improve their Danish skills to do work meetings, phone conversations, job interviews, writing emails, communicating with teachers, ordering at cafes and handle the daily small-talk with the colleagues at work – in a much more free and active Danish.

My strengths are listening and understanding and, with patience, guide you forward towards your Danish goal.

If you choose a course with a flexible schedule, you’ll have the freedom to schedule the lessons from week to week, and from session to session, if you wish. And you are free to change dates if anything gets in the way – I know work and commitments can show up unexpected (just remember the 24 hour cancelation policy).

Note that this flexibility with regards to scheduling does not apply to fixed schedule courses.

To get the most out of your course – already from the very first lesson – I offer, completely free of charge, a level placement before course start. I will call you and over the phone get a picture of the main focus points we should work on during your course. Both from what you tell me you need and want, but also from what I, as a experienced professional, see as challenges within grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc.

After out conversation, I’ll email you a suggestion for a course plan with more detailed topics that you can review and approve before the course starts.

That way, when we start lesson 1, we are already working towards your Danish goals.

Based on the free initial level placement and needs analysis, we’ll agree on a clear goal for the course, a goal that will be the guiding thread all the way through, which will eventually bring you where you would like to go, Danish-wise.

We’ll talk about how and in which areas a development of your Danish skills can strengthen you and give you more confidence in your daily life so that you’ll achieve more freedom to express yourself to notice positive changes professionally, outside work or where-ever you may want an improvement of your Danish skills.

To make sure we’re on the right track, or to adjust if your situation should have changed, we’ll evaluate midways, like we’ll evaluate at the end of the course. We’ll look back and see which results you have achieved, both actual Danish results but also more mental, such as increased confidence, less insecurity.

If there is still room for improvement, we’ll talk about what to do about that.

After completing your course, you’ll receive a final report stating the results you’ve achieved and you’ll get recommendations how to continue improving your Danish on your own.

No matter which course or how many lessons you book, course material is included in the price. If you book 30 lessons or more, you’ll probably get a text- or workbook, if it is relevant to your course.


Hear what my students say:

I had finished the normal courses and passed Prøve i Dansk 3, but was still uncomfortable speaking danish.

What convinced me to go for the course with you is that it could take place at my workplace, that the content would be specifically for me and my level, and that you were recommended.

In my opinion you are very supportive, providing a safe, relaxed environment to practice Danish. This helped us speak lots and lots of Danish, and now it’s not so hard to jump into Danish out in the real world.

I think you would be a great choice for most anyone who wish to get better at Danish.

Brendan, Senior Manager, Actuary

I feel like I have a pretty good level of comprehension but I sometimes struggle with feeling like I can speak with confidence and fluency – this is what I focused on in my lessons with Sigga.

Since I have started lessons with Sigga, I have improved my confidence and overall speaking fluency!

Sigga is a very encouraging and nice teacher. I enjoy the course and I always feel like I gain some skill during each lesson.

Timothy, Product Researcher
I’d taken one module at a school and since left. Sadly I wasn’t making any progress in learning Danish on my own. I wanted to continue making progress in learning Danish without having to attend a school.
Sigga is a kind, patient and attentive teacher and I love how much the lessons feel like they fit my pace of learning.
I recommend Sigga if you are looking for professionalism and flexibility.
Adam Blanchard, Software Engineering Manager