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Why invest in a Danish course?

Offer Danish lessons and keep your highly skilled foreign employees…

Settling in to Denmark is not easy, not even for highly skilled foreigners who has been recruited here for their talent, a recent study shows, conducted by InterNations, a world wide expat community.

One of the main barriers is the language, making it difficult to make Danish friends, the study shows. However, the study also suggests that if the foreign employees speak the language, it is likely to have a positive effect on how long the international employee wish to stay in Denmark.

Speaking Danish, thus, is key to retain your company’s highly skilled employees – something that more and more companies are prioritizing.

You’ll have many advantages from your foreign employee knowing Danish.  Other than strengthening their competencies, it facilitates the cooperation with other colleagues and clients when the communication goes smoothly without misunderstandings. When your highly skilled foreigner speaks the language, it also enhances a healthy work environment where everybody can contribute equally.

Offering Danish lessons to your foreign employee can thus be a valuable investment, both for your foreign employee and for your company.

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You Will Get

With a professional language partner you’re ensured an efficient course, giving your employee and your company the fastest results possible.

Let’s cut to the chase and work focused on the areas of Danish that make sense for your employee and your company.
All my courses are tailored, based on your wishes and needs – we thus work solely on aspects of Danish that give your employee the tools he or she needs to be able to do meetings, telephone conversations, sales presentations, small-talk over lunch and other typical daily situations at work – in Danish!

The result? A HIGHLY effective Danish course that will give you noticeable results quickly.

….if your employee follows my lead, naturally. The fast results depend mostly, actually, on the student – a stabil progression requires commitment to do the necessary work in – and outside of – the classroom.

With 9+ years of experience in the field, I am a strong Danish partner. I can understand my clients needs quickly and know what is required to get the fastest and most efficient results possible that will make a difference in your colleague’s daily life – at and outside work.

If you decide to have a course with a flexible schedule, you’ll have the freedom to schedule the lessons from week to week, if you’d like (we can also schedule all or most of the lessons from the beginning – your choice!) and you are free to reschedule or cancel if something should get in the way.

Please just remember my 24 hour cancellation policy.

I also offer courses with a fixed schedule (without the above explained flexibility). These courses have the advantage of a more economic cost.

To get the most out of your course already from lesson 1, I offer, completely free of charge, a level placement of your colleague before course start.

I will call you over the phone to get a picture of the main areas to focus on during the course for you to obtain the results you are looking for.

After our conversation, I will email you a suggestion for a course plan.

Based on the free level placement and needs analysis, we’ll agree on a clear course goal, that will help us stay focused all the way through the course – which is  crucial to achieve the results that you want.

What is required for your colleague to obtain a higher level of spontaneity and accuracy Danish-wise? What is necessary for him/her to become more confident when communicating in Danish on a daily basis at work?

We’ll get crystal clear on that right from the beginning – and we’re all set for you to progress and see those results!

To make sure that we are on track, or to adjust if something should’ve changed, we’ll evaluate the course mid-ways. We’ll also evaluate at the end of the course where we’ll look back at the results that your employee has achieved, both the language results but also the more mental ones, like an increased confidence in Danish, etc.

If there is still room for improvement, we’ll discuss how to proceed.

At the end of the course, you’ll get an end report over the course and the results your colleague has achieved. I’ll also give recommendations as to how your colleague can continue to improve his/her Danish on his/her own.

No matter which type of course or how many lessons you book, the material is always part of the price. Whether you get an actual text- or exercise book or whether we work with photocopies, online material or something else, depends completely on the course.

What’s the Procedure?

  • You contact me and together we’ll talk about course goal and -length.

  • I send you a quote and a suggestion for an overall course plan.

  • After your approval of the quote, I send you an invoice.

  • The Danish lessons start.

  • During the course, we evaluate and, if necessary, make adjustments.

  • When the course is completed, we evaluate. Did we achieve the course goal? What’s the next step?

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Who Am I?

My name is Sigga Nordgaard and I have 9+ years of experience teaching foreign professionals in bigger and smaller Danish and international companies.

With 9+ years of experience as a teacher of Danish to foreigners, I know how important it is that the communication goes smoothly in the company. Foreign employees need to both understand that’s going on and what is said, and they also need to be able to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

I have taught foreign professionals in big companies with a substantial number of foreigners, I have taught in state and municipalities and I have also helped foreign professionals working for smaller companies.

I have experience teaching professionals from many different industries and from all areas of the company – from top management, to sales departments, HR, finance departments, Research departments, PR, architect’s firms, recepetion, etc.

Some of my clients have had English as their company language but despite this, they still cannot get around Danish. Even though a foreign employee is able to do the daily work tasks in English, his or her colleagues will still be speaking Danish over lunch, at the summerparty, during the meeting break, etc. Danish plays an important role for the integration into both Denmark and the workplace.
That the foreign professional masters – at least a basic level of – Danish is crucial.

From my own years as an expat in first France and later Turkey, I know all about the linguistic and cultural challenges you as a foreigner in a new country meet. However, I have always been fascinated by culture meetings so I see these “challenges” from an absolute positive point of view: They give you the chance to reflect not only on the new country, the new language and the new culture – but just as much on yourself, your own culture and background and your own language.

When I teach your employee, it is therefore always the whole person, his or her cultural and linguistic background that I try to take into consideration when I prepare the course. I try to keep that in mind when I assess what is necessary, Danish-wise, to strengthen you colleague’s linguistic – and hereby professional – competencies.

Lingua Danica is a one-woman company. The advantage? It will always be me you talk to, no matter if it’s about an invoice, the course, etc.

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to write or call me!

I look forward to help your foreign colleague and your company move forward!

Professional Danish teacher Sigga Nordgaard


What one my current clients says about my courses:

Victoria Quaglia Testimonial

What has exceeded my expectations since working with Sigga are two things specifically:

How effective the courses have been and the visible improvement after each class; how interesting the courses have been, even on a 1-1 basis ie. Even without the group dynamics of a class.

The main reasons I recommend others choosing one of Sigga’s Danish courses: Flexibility, tailored approach to learning and effectiveness.

Truly a pleasant journey.

Victoria Quaglia, Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group