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Conversation Course – What You’ll Get

Do you find it hard to find the right words and get your message through when you speak in Danish?
Do you wish to speak Danish more actively and fluently – either at work, outside work – or maybe both?

Then this conversation course is exactly what you need!

On this course the goal is for you to speak Danish more freely and fluently so that you’ll be able to communicate in typical situations of your daily life with much more confidence. The course will be designed to focus on situations that you typically find yourself in: informal conversations with your colleagues at work, exchanges with your kids’ teachers from school or kindergarten or dialogues with your kids’ Danish playmates.

Or maybe you rather need to strengthen your communicative competencies at work so that you are able to do your job in a spontaneous and clear Danish and get your message through and be understood by your colleagues, clients and other people you speak with at work – the first time!


It depends on how big of a package and how much flexibility you need. You’ll save money per lesson by choosing a bigger package and also if you book a course with a fixed schedule. Learn more about the prices here.

It depends completely on your level to begin with and your goal with the course.

Many courses are around 30 lessons. If you choose to hold two lessons per session – that’s 90 minutes – it will be 15 sessions in total. With this number of lessons, it is usually possible to see results.

How big or small of a package that would be most suitable for you, depends, as I said, on your what you would like to achieve.

Call or write me and I will give you a qualified assessment of how long I think it would take you to reach your goal and how many lessons it would require.

I cannot give official tests like PD3, DU3 module tests or Studieprøven.

But if you would like to finish the course with a test to see if you have learned what you wanted to, I would be happy to make a test based on what we have covered during the course.

One lesson is 45 minutes and I usually teach two lessons per session (90 minutes). However, you are free to schedule more lessons per session if you wish a more intensive course and a faster progression.

The lessons typically start with going through the homework. You’ll get feedback and a chance to practice the new language one more time.

After that, we move on to the topic of today’s lesson, which could be ordering at the cafe, small-talk over lunch with your colleagues or calling your doctor to make an appointment.

We start by covering the necessary grammar and pronunciation points and then, step by step, through some exercises, we’ll equip you to be able to hold a more free and spontaneous dialogue at the end of the class about today’s topic. That could through small roleplays, presentations, etc.

Before we finish, we’ll do a recap on what you have learned in today’s lesson and you’ll be assigned homework for your next lessons so that you can work more in depth with what you’ve just learned – and really consolidate your newly acquired knowledge.

As you see, the lessons are structured around a clear lesson goal, a goal that is always relevant to your daily life. When you leave from class, you’ll have a clear idea of what exactly you have gotten out of each lesson – and you’ll be able to go directly out of the classroom and use what you’ve learned in real life.

It depends on the course and what exactly you wish to get out of the course.

For a conversation course, we’ll typically use a mix of textbook and other written material as well as audio material (like radio programs or podcasts) and TV programs for improving your listening skills and vocabulary, and we’ll probably also do some selected grammar and pronunciation exercises.

If you wish to improve your speaking skills for work, it would be helpful to use your own material, like brochures from your company, website texts, presentations, reports or other things that we can use to practice the kind of language you want to be able to speak with confidence.

The lessons can take place at your work place or at your house.

I teach in all the Greater Copenhagen area. Within the borders of Copenhagen, my transport to and from the agreed location is free of charge. Outside Copenhagen there might be an additional charge to cover my transport expenses.

Write me to hear how it would be for lessons to take place where you want it to.

On Mondays, I am open only in the late afternoon.

Tuesdays through Fridays, I am open from morning to late afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday is closed.

Write me to hear what my availabilities are for the moment.

As soon as you have booked your course, I’ll send you an invoice that you can pay through either a bank transfer or via MobilePay.

Yes. I accept payments in two installments: first installment before course start and the second installment halfways – so that lessons are always prepaid.

For courses with a flexible schedule, my cancellation policy is quite flexible as I know that you have a busy (work) life and important meetings can suddenly appear.

If you are unable to attend class, you are free to cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before lesson start.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before, the lessons will be lost.

Courses with a fixed schedule cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

Are you not happy with your course after two sessions, you can cancel your course and get a full refund (minus the cost of any Danish book given to you).

If you cancel your course after three sessions or at a later point, you’ll get a refund worth 50 % of any paid, remaining lessons.

The course can be cancelled at any time by your teacher. Any paid remaining lessons will be refunded to you.


Hear what one of my currents clients say about my courses:

I feel like I have a pretty good level of comprehension but I sometimes struggle with feeling like I can speak with confidence and fluency – this is what I focused on in my lessons with Sigga.

Since starting Danish lessons with Sigga I have improved my confidence and overall speaking fluency!

Sigga is a very encouraging and nice teacher. I enjoy the course and I always feel like I gain some skill during each lesson.

Timothy, Product Researcher