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Tiny groups so you can really learn Danish

Get a solid foundation of Danish and be able to speak in a simple Danish about yourself and what you do in just 11 weeks!

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Danish for Beginners – What You’ll Get

Do you want to learn Danish fast? And do you want to learn it well?

Then this Danish for Beginners in small groups is just what you’ve been looking for!

This course is for the committed Danish learner who doesn’t want to wait months and months before seeing results. On this online beginners course, you’ll be part of a small group of only 6 participants, which will ensure you plenty of speaking and practice time – the ideal conditions to speed up your Danish learning and give you visible results fast!

Expect to commit to 1-2 hours of homework per lesson. It may sound like a lot, but when you see how fast you progress in Danish and the visible improvements from lesson to lesson, you’ll see that it’s worth the effort!

In class you’ll learn everything you need to know with the rest of the group and you’ll also be doing lots of pair work to maximize your speaking time. Your teacher will support and guide you all the way and will give you feedback and correct you to make sure you get an accurate Danish!

The combination of this class work and self study at home between lessons will give you the solid foundation of Danish that is necessary to – eventually – reach an active and correct Danish – the kind of Danish you’re aspiring for to communicate at work and with family and friends with confidence. With this course you’ll have taken the first step of the way towards that goal!

What can you expect? At the end of the course, you’ll have completed level A1. This means you’ll be able to talk about yourself and your work and/or education, you can talk about your everyday life and ask others about theirs in a simple, up to date and understandable Danish, using present, past and future tenses.
Your results in a nutshell? You’ll be able to SPEAK in simple Danish about yourself and your daily life!

For the time being, the lessons will take place online, over Zoom.


Hear what one of my current Danish for beginners students says…

Danish for beginners testimonial

I didn’t know Sigga but taking the free trial lesson helped me to consider the course. What convinced me to invest in the course was the fact that it’s small groups and online classes.
What I like best about the course is that we have time to practice Danish, there is no stupid questions and Sigga is patient and always has time to explain and answer.
Since starting the course, I use my Danish more, I dare even though it’s not correct. Something that I didn’t expect to happen so fast! I would recommend Sigga because she’s patient and clear.

Rosa Camero, CEO and founder Rossscammm Films & Marketing
Heidi Danish for beginners

Meet Your Teacher


Heidi has worked as a language teacher since 2007 and has taught Danish to dozens of expats, from beginners to advanced language users. She puts emphasis on the spoken language and on how to use Danish in real life situations and aims at creating a classroom that serves both as learning and testing grounds for the language. As a certified neurolanguage® coach, she also works with motivation and goal-setting and through language coaching, she has helped many students move further forward and becoming more efficient learners of Danish – with a better, more active Danish as a result!

Free Trial Lesson

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And you haven’t even heard the best part yet…!

On top of all this, you’ll also get a bonus pack to speed up your learning even more!

Master the Danish Soft d training

BONUS: Master the Soft d

I know you’re struggling with pronouncing the soft d!

That’s why I’ve created a (surprisingly easy) 3 step method to for you to learn – and master! – the Danish soft d!

Doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Available from Monday 26 April.

Worth: 97 kr.

Den Lille dansk grammatik

BONUS: Den Lille

Learning the grammar is essential to learning Danish well.

When you sign up for this Danish for beginners’ course, you also get your own hardcopy of Den Lille, a great little Danish grammar reference that’ll help you build a solid foundation of Danish. This foundation is what will eventually make sure you speak a correct and understandable Danish.

Yes please!

Worth: 174,95 kr.

Learn Danish together in private Facebook group

BONUS: Join the Facebook-group

Connect and learn (more) together!

When you join this Danish course, you’ll be part of a private and engaging Facebook group, only for the participants of your course. Because learning with others will only increase your learning. You have a safe place to ask for help and where you can support each other.
Every week, you’ll also get questions and small exercises to practice even more everything you learn on the course!

Because learning Danish should be fun!

Worth: 497 kr.


Here’s what another of my Danish for beginners students says about the course…

Before I signed up for the course, I had been learning Danish with Duolingo, which has been useful. I had some basic knowledge, but could definitely not string a sentence together.

 The fact that I could be part of a small group convinced me to join this course. What I like best, is the interaction with Sigga and my fellow-students and also the ability to ask questions.

Since joining the course, I understand so much more when people speak! The book covers lots of things that are actually useful in daily life.
I have really enjoyed it and I really like how it has accelerated my learning and how it has boosted my confidence speaking! I just have a go now!

Would I recommend this course? Absolutely!

Nynke Wierda, March 2021

What is your one-time investment to obtain a level A1 and get started with a simple but clear and correct everyday Danish you may ask…?

Free Trial Lesson

  • Find dates in registration form
  • Time varies
  • 1 hour
  • Max. no of participants: 10
  • Online (Zoom)
  • Free to participate
  • Teacher: Coming soon

11 Weeks Course - Evenings

  • Mondays + Thursdays, 12 Apr – 24 June 2021**
  • 17:00 – 19:00
  • 2 hours, incl. 10 mins break
  • 6 participants
  • Online (Zoom)
  • Pay in full or in 3 installments*
  • Teacher: Coming soon
  • BONUS: Master the Soft D
  • BONUS: Den Lille
  • BONUS: Be part of a closed Facebook only for course participants


*You can also pay in 3 installments: 3 x 1.357 DKK

First payment (1.357 DKK): Upon enrollment.
Second payment (1.357 DKK): 3rd May 2021.
Third payment: 1st June 2021 (1.357 DKK).

The price includes delivery of your book and bonuses (worth 54 kr.).

The prices are per person. The course price is ex. VAT. Private persons are exempt of VAT.

** No classes on 13th + 24th May 2021.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for absolute beginners of Danish or people with a very limited knowledge of Danish.

The lessons will online, held over the platform Zoom. Besides Zoom, we’ll be using Google Drive, both for the actual lessons and also to keep all the materials that we use, including the homework materials, in a safe an easy accesable place. Every single lesson’s materials will be available inside a specific folder marked with the lesson date so it’ll be super easy for you to navigate and find the exact material you need. At any time. You’ll have the direct link and can access whenever it suits you.

This course runs over 20 sessions.

The next course starts on 12 April 2021 and runs on Mondays and Thursdays from 17:00 – 19:00 (incl. a 10 mins break).
End date: 24th June 2021*.

*No classes on 13th and 24th May 2021.

The lessons are two hours long. A 10 minute break is included.

Even though the lessons are online, you’ll get a physical Danish book as it has been proven that writing things down by hand will improve your ability to remember what you learn long-term. We work with the book called “På vej til dansk”, which consists of a good mix of texts, grammar exercises, listening, writing and speaking exercises. The topics it covers will help you present yourself, give personal contact information, tell about your daily life and activities, your family, where you live, what you do for a living and talk about food, the weather, etc.

You’ll get your own hardcopy of the book.

Unfortunately, the lessons cannot be cancelled or rescheduled, but whenever you or other participants can’t make it for a class, we’ll record the class so that you can watch the replay when you have time. The replay will only be available until the following lesson. After that, it’ll be deleted.

When you sign up with your name, email, address and phone number, you choose whether you wish to pay the full course fee upfront (3.697 kr.) or in three monthly installments (3 x 1357 kr.) (learn more under the next question, below). You can pay with DanKort, credit card or via MobilePay.

Yes! You have the option to pay the course in 3 installments: 3 x 1.357 kr. You pay your 1st payment (1.357 kr.) when signing up for the course. The last two payments will be drawn automatically from your account on different dates depending on which class you register for:

2nd payment (1.357 kr.): 3rd May 2021

3rd payment (1.357 kr.): 1st June 2021

Yes! Lingua Danica has a full satisfaction guarantee – with a few conditions. Please continue reading…

If you’re not happy with the course or feel I haven’t lived up to my promise, you can get full refund. The deadline to apply for your refund is 2 days (at 23:59) after the second lesson. Just send me an email at info@linguadanica.dk with a copy of all worksheets and tasks completed (so that you’ve given it a go) along with a description of what didn’t work for you. You’ll get your full refund within 30 days of the cancellation.

If you cancel later than this deadline, which means after the third (3rd) day after the second lesson, there’s unfortunately no refund and any remaining installments shall still be paid as planned.

The course can be cancelled at any time by the teacher. Any remaining paid lessons will be refunded in full within 30 days.

Satisfaction guarantee

100 % satisfied or the money back

Sign up and dive in. If after 2 sessions you feel we haven’t delivered on our promise of value-packed lessons, new learnings and improvements of your Danish, I will happily refund your money in full.
Just email in before 23:59 2 days after the 2nd lesson with all the completed work of the course (worksheets, exercises) (to make sure you give it a go), along with a description of what didn’t work for you.
This is my guarantee to you.

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