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From Passive to Active Danish in 3 months

Small groups so you can really learn Danish

With only 4-5 participants, this online Danish for Intermediates course ensures max benefit at an affordable price, so save your spot before the class is full.

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Danish for Intermediates – What You’ll Get

Are you struggling with practicing your Danish in your daily life at work and outside work?

Do you wish you could start speaking in Danish with your colleagues, with your Danish friends and family? To no longer always default to English?

Then this Danish for Intermediates course is just what you’ve been looking for!

On this online course, you’ll be part of a small group of 4-5 participants. The aim is to help you break the habit of always speaking in English with your peers at work and with friends and family and when out and about in the city.

The two overall topics we’ll focus on during this intermediate level course will be Life and Spare Time in Denmark and Work and Labour Market in Denmark, and each lesson will have one or several goals that fall under these main topics. The aim of the course is to give you some simple but powerful tools so you can start speaking more Danish in your daily life in Denmark – in a clear and understable Danish of course!

The overall goal of this course is to get you speaking! How exactly, you might think. Well, first of all, I’ll teach you some simple but powerful ways to participate actively in those typical daily situations we find ourselves in – both at work and in life.Then, we’ll do plenty of speaking practice in class, for example as pair work. Also expect homework that’ll get you actually practicing what you learn in class… Think real life speaking tasks, like: Before next class, ask a colleague about their weekend plans.

With my support and guidance, practicing your Danish outside of the classroom will go from “no way, can’t do!” to something you *just do*.

The result? At the end of the course, you’ll feel more confident and able to engage in daily conversations in Danish – whether it’s at work or in life. Thanks to a bigger vocabulary and the different situation appropriate expressions you’ll have learned, a strengthened Danish foundation and thanks to lots of practice – both inside and outside of our virtual classroom – you’ll feel able to speak Danish with a visibly improved confidence and spontaneity!

And most importantly… you’ll (finally!) have a new default mode: speaking much more Danish in your daily life!


Hear what one of my Danish for Intermediates students says about the course…

I was once long ago fluent in Danish and I needed to start to regain my Danish language proficiency and increase my confidence.

Since joining the Danish for Intermediates course, my confidence in speaking and texting Danish has definitely grown immensely but also my pronunciation and grammar has increased.

I really appreciate the patience and cadence of how Sigga teaches. She is well organized and the lessons are relevant, interesting, challenging but not too hard and the technology works well.

Sigga is incredibly responsive and available. She answers all my emails and also does a great job checking with the group to hear if the materials used are at the right level for us and making adjustments so that we can continue to grow and learn in our Danish language skills.

What has exceeded my expectations is how effective the weekly interactions have improved my Danish. I was not sure if once per week would be enough but I have been impressed how working with Sigga has helped.

 I would absolutely recommend this course!

Christina Cassady, March 2021

Meet Your Teachers


With more than 10 years of experience, I’ve helped many foreigners to speak a more active and confident Danish and to get closer to their Danish (and life!) goals. Something many of my students say about me is that I’m very patient and make them feel comfortable to practice their Danish – inside the classroom as well as outside, in their daily lives. I love to watch my students grow in confidence – and take imperfect action – thanks to what they learn and to hear their success stories, small and big, with Danish!

Founder of Lingua Danica

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And you haven’t even heard the best part yet…!

On top of all this, you’ll also get a bonus pack to speed up your learning even more!

Master the Danish Soft d training

BONUS: Master the Soft d

I know you’re struggling with pronouncing the soft d!

That’s why I’ve created a (surprisingly easy) 3 step method to for you to learn – and master! – the Danish soft d!

Doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Available from Monday 26 April.

Worth: 97 kr.

Learn Danish together in private Facebook group

BONUS: Join the Facebook-group

Connect and learn (more) together!

When you join this Danish course, you’ll be part of a private and engaging Facebook group, only for the participants of your course. Because learning with others will only increase your learning. You have a safe place to ask for help and where you can support each other.
Every week, you’ll also get questions and small exercises to practice even more everything you learn on the course!

Because learning Danish should be fun!

Worth: 497 kr.

Why you can’t just join like that


Because I want to give you the best Danish for intermediates course on the market so that you can go from a passive to an active Danish in just 3 months, it’s important that all course participants are of more or less the same level.

To ensure that, I hold a super short level assessment with everyone who’d like to join the course.

It’s very easy and simple: We agree on a time for a 10 mins telephone, Zoom or Skype call where you tell me about your Danish journey so far and what your level is and you’ll answer a few simple questions in Danish (like “What are your hobbies or spare time activities?”). This will help me get an idea of your Danish level and if your level is suitable for this course.

You don’t need to prepare anything – just show up and you’re good to go!


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What is your one-time investment to obtain a level A1 and get started with a simple but clear and correct everyday Danish you may ask…?

Free Trial Lesson

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  • 13:30-14:30
  • 1 hour
  • Max. no of participants: 10
  • Online (Zoom)
  • Free to participate

11 Weeks Course

  • Tuesdays, 13th Apr – 22nd June 2021
  • 17:00 – 19:00
  • 2 hours, incl 10 mins. break
  • 4-5 participants
  • Online (Zoom)
  • Pay in full or in 3 installments*


*You can also pay in 3 installments: 3 x 1.357 DKK

First payment (1.357 DKK): Upon enrollment.
Second payment (1.357 DKK): 3rd May 2021.
Third payment: 1st June 2021 (1.357 DKK).

The price includes delivery of your book and bonuses (worth 54 kr.).

The prices are per person. The course price is ex. VAT. Private persons are exempt of VAT.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The level of this course equals Danskuddannelse 3, Modul 3 (CEFR level B1). Your level is right for this course, if you’re at a level A2 or B1/B2 now.Also, this course is for you if you wish to SPEAK more Danish in your daily life here. Maybe you’re frustrated you always hesitate to engage in Danish because you don’t know the right words, you don’t know how to answer or you’re just nervous to take the step. Then you’re in the right place: The absolute top aim of this course is to get you started SPEAKING Danish.
The lessons will be held over Zoom. You’ll also get a direct link to our course folder in my Google Drive so that you can always access all the materials that we’ve used, including the homework materials. Every lesson’s materials will be available inside a separate folder marked with the lesson date to make it easy to navigate and find exactly what you need when you need it.

The next Danish for Intermediates course begins on 13th April 2021 and will run every Tuesday for 11 weeks until 22nd June 2021.

The lessons are two hours long. They start at 17:00 and finish at 19:00 and include a 10 minute break.
The material is all digital so you won’t be handed a physical Danish book. On the other hand, we’ll use handpicked materials that are in perfect line with the two main course topics, “Life and Spare Time in Denmark” and “Work and Labour Market in Denmark”, to help you reach the overall aim of this course: Overcome the habit of always defaulting to English and Startng to speak more Danish in your daily life, at work and outside work. The materials we use will be a mix of texts, audio and video material, grammar exercises and other relevant material.
Unfortunately, the lessons cannot be cancelled or rescheduled, but whenever you or other participants can’t make it for a class, we’ll record the class so that you can watch the replay when you have time. The replay will only be available until the following lesson. After that, it’ll be deleted.
After you sign up, we’ll find a time for a quick level assessment (10 mins) over the phone. This is to make sure that your level is right for this course and that you and the other course participants’ level are similar. That all participants are more or less at the same level is only at your and everyone else’s interest.
I will call you at a suitable time that we agreed on and then the only thing that’s going to happen is that I’ll ask you a few simple questions. The content of the questions isn’t important. I just want to make you speak a bit in Danish so that I can get an idea of your Danish level. It’s not a test, there’s no “pass” or “fail”. The only aim is to know your level and make sure that you and this course are a match. The assessment call will take about 10 mins and I’ll get back to you with the answer later the same day.
Once you’ve done the level assessment and been approved for the course, you’ll receive your invoice. You can then pay via bank transfer or via MobilePay. Note that all lessons must be paid in advance.You can pay either the full course fee upfront (3.400 kr.) or in three installments (3 x 1297 kr.). See the next question for more details.

Yes! You have the option to pay the course in 3 monthly installments: 3 x 1297 kr. You pay your 1st payment (1.297 kr.) when confirming your reservation. 2nd payment (1.297 kr.): 3rd May 2021 and the 3rd payment (1.297 kr.): 1st June 2021.

Yes! Lingua Danica has a full satisfaction guarantee – with a few conditions. Please continue reading…

If you’re not happy with the course or feel I haven’t lived up to my promise, you can get full refund. The deadline to apply for your refund is 2 days (at 23:59) after the second lesson. Just send me an email at info@linguadanica.dk with a copy of all worksheets and tasks completed (so that you’ve given it a go) along with a description of what didn’t work for you. You’ll get your full refund within 30 days of the cancellation.

If you cancel later than this deadline, which means after the third (3rd) day after the second lesson, there’s unfortunately no refund and any remaining installments shall still be paid as planned.

The course can be cancelled at any time by the teacher. Any remaining paid lessons will be refunded in full within 30 days.

Satisfaction guarantee

100 % satisfied or the money back

Sign up and dive in. If after 2 sessions you feel we haven’t delivered on our promise of value-packed lessons, new learnings and improvements of your Danish, I will happily refund your money in full.
Just email in before 23:59 2 days after the 2nd lesson with all the completed work of the course (worksheets, exercises) (to make sure you give it a go), along with a description of what didn’t work for you.
This is my guarantee to you.

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