Danish Group Courses

Learn to speak Danish in a small group

Are you looking for a quality group course to speak Danish? Do you want to avoid the big, anonymous language school classes – and instead get lots of in-class speaking time and feedback from your teacher? Then join one of our Danish Group Courses for visible results fast!


Whether you are a total beginner or whether you’re at an elementary, intermediate or perhaps advanced level of Danish, you are at the right place!

With Lingua Danica’s Danish group courses, you’ll join a tiny group of 4-6 participants (depending on the course) which ensures you lots of opportunity to practice during class. At the same time, you’ll get plenty of feedback from your teacher who’ll also have time to help and support you. Which is essential to learn to speak a correct and confident Danish.

Because you’ll be part of a small group, you’ll experience a faster progression – as opposed to for example bigger language school classes that tend to spend more hours progressing at a slower pace.

By joining one of our tiny group courses you’ll get many of the benefits of a private course – AND to a really affordable price!
Split up the payment in monthly installments and get an even more affordable solution!

Join a tiny Danish group course and learn to speak Danish with a handful of equally motivated and driven Danish learners!

At Lingua Danica, we believe that learning Danish should not only bring you visible results and change your daily life in Denmark to the better – it should also be fun!
With our relaxed and down to earth approach, you’ll feel in good hands, encouraged and supported to take the leap and finally UP your Danish!

Check out our different Danish group courses below and sign up for the next available start date!

Interested? But sure it’s for you? Sign up for the next trial lesson to get a feel of what the classes are like and the kind of results you can expect to get! Sign up now!

Danish Group Courses – Upcoming Courses

Course / Level No. of part. Days Time Start date End date Price pr pers. Enroll
Beginners / Module 1 6 Mon + Thu 17:00 – 19:00 12 April 2021 24 June 2021 3697 DKK Enroll Now
Elementary / Module 2 6 Tue + Thu 9:15 – 11:15 15 April 2021 24 June 2021 3697 DKK Enroll Now
Intermediates / Module 3 4 – 5 Tue 17:00 – 19:00 13 April 2021 22 June 2021 3400 DKK Enroll Now
Advanced / Module 5+ 5 Wed 17:00 – 19:00 14 April 2021 23 June 2021 3197 DKK Enroll Now

Level 1: Danish for beginners

Get off to a great start with Danish! Join our Danish for beginners group course and learn to speak a simple Danish – in past, present and future tense – in only 10 weeks! Click to learn more.

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Level 2: Elementary Danish

Take your basic Danish one step further and strengthen your ability to communicate in Danish about your daily life. Course page is under construction and will be available soon. For questions, write to info@linguadanica.dk.

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Level 3: Danish for Intermediates

Tired of always defaulting to English? Get a boost useful Danish you can use to (finally) begin speaking Danish in your daily life. Go from a passive to an active Danish in 12 weeks! Click to learn more.

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Here’s what one of my happy students says about her Danish courses:

Victoria Quaglia Testimonial

I went from zero in Danish to now being able to read, speak and write. I can now understand what my daughter is saying at the dinner table, speak with her teachers, organize play dates with other danish children. I use it on an everyday basis, I feel it knocks down communication barriers. Not the least, I can finally communicate with my own relatives in Danish.

The main reasons I recommend others choosing one of Sigga’s Danish courses: Flexibility, tailored approach to learning, effectiveness and truly a pleasant journey.

Victoria Quaglia, Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group